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TractionAµditing: The Walkway Surfaces Auditing Experts

Each step is a potential hazard, but a walkway safety audit ensures your next step is a safe one. TractionAuditing provides auditing, testing, training, research, quality assurance and legal support to architects, engineers, interior designers, contractors, facility owners, insurance investigators, adjusters and lawyers. We are the first to offer customized, on site walkway auditing of commercial facilities with National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) trained auditors using a certified auditing device and guidelines that meet or exceed NFSI standards. Learn more about how we serve your industry.

TractionAµditing provides a comprehensive approach to reducing your floor safety risks through:

  • • Research
  • • Auditing
  • • Testing
  • • Training
  • • Quality Assurance
  • • Regional Support Centers
  • • Legal Support

High-Traction Standards

NFSI standards breakdown Static and Dynamic Coefficient of Friction values into three categories - low, moderate, and high traction.

Static Coefficient of Friction differs from Dynamic Coefficient of Friction but they are equally important. TractionAuditing tests for both and educates our customers to practice a holistic approach to walkway maintenance. Take the first step in walkway safety and request a free audit quote!


Learn more about floor safety and TractionAµditing

Independent clinical studies have shown that up to 90% of all slip-and-fall claims can be prevented by adopting a comprehensive walkway management safety program. The first step in developing a pro-active strategy is to have an independent audit of your walkway's slip-resistance. Click here to learn how TractionAuditing can help you with your floor safety auditing and testing.