We are the first to offer customized, on site walkway auditing of commercial facilities with National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) trained auditors. All of our auditors have completed the only NFSI accredited walkway auditing course and are Walkway Auditor Certificate Holders (WACH) which is the most stringent certification in the industry. They audit using only NFSI approved auditing devices and test to the MFSI national consensus standards.

TractionAµditing Services Offer Greater Safety and Value

Get your floor safety audited by our experts.

The Auditing Process

After collecting vital information unique to each facility:

  • TractionAµditing WACH accredited auditor determines the specific sites in the facility in need of testing.
  • Identifies potentially hazardous areas that need more intensive monitoring.
  • Using a National Floor Safety Institute approved testing device, the auditor then takes representative coefficient of friction samplings of each walkway area.
  • The data is monitored for accuracy during the testing process.
  • The data is analyzed to formulate a complete and detailed report.
  • The report details the adequacy or potential high risk nature of the respective walkway surfaces.
  • The report details the surface maintenance program and its degree of contamination relative to it location in the facility.
  • Findings from the report are reviewed with the client to validate or improve their walkway safety overall.
  • Follow-up auditing is performed to assess the adequacy of improvements and to validate an effective maintenance program for the client’s walkway surfaces.
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Identification and Assesment

By conducting both pre and post installation wet static coefficient of friction tests, and analyzing the data generated, TractionAµditing can help architects, interior designers and their clients identify slip and fall hazards and document compliance with national testing standards. This enables architects and interior designers to minimize the risks to their clients while reducing exposure to future slip and fall litigation. Architects and interior design professionals can document through independent, objective testing that the flooring choices they make will not endanger their clients or their customers and employees in the future.

Added Value

TractionAµditing brings guidance and leadership to flooring performance testing. As members of the ASTM, NFSI AND ASSE, we stay informed concerning all the latest standards affecting the walkways designed into all your projects. By verifying compliance to standards and validating conformity to codes, we help design professionals document the performance of the flooring selections while protecting themselves and their customers from preventable slip and fall accidents and unwarranted litigation. By utilizing the services of TractionAµditing, architectural and design firms can distinguish themselves from other firms as safety conscious and forward thinking. This presents architectural firms with the opportunity to distinguish their services from those that are not safety driven. TractionAµditing’s traction compliance testing service can play a critical role in the selection process of clients and others who make important decisions about an architectural firm’s integrity and acceptability.

Strategies and Improvement for Your Clients

Safety does not stop when you hand over the keys. Implementation of an effective slip and fall prevention program requires the right tools, people and communication. TractionAµditing can help your clients risk management team document the ongoing compliance, safety policies and procedures needed to effectively reduce slip and fall incidents within the facilities you have designed and built. We also can aid your clients business in developing the tools needed to document a sound walkway testing and OSHA compliance program.

Training and Education

TractionAµditing can also assist in providing training for architects, interior designers and engineers. Our professionals are available to conduct onsite training to educate, inform and keep ceu’s up to date. TractionAµditing’s training programs can help you improve standards awareness for all your design employees. TractionAµditing can provide half day training courses to educate your design employees on the dangers of slip and fall hazards and how proper design and testing can reduce future injuries for your clients and litigation for your firm. We also provide information on the latest national standards for slip and fall prevention.

Partnering for Safer Designed Facilities

Let TractionAµditing, LLC partner with your architectural, engineering and design professionals to help your firm design and build the safest projects possible. Contact TractionAµditing at or 817-230-4004 for a project quote customized to fit your specific needs. Let TractionAµditing demonstrate how to provide your clients a safer project while protecting you, your firm, and your clients from future slip and fall litigation.

We can examine your project to ensure compliance to all current NFSI standards for slip resistance testing:

  • NFSI B101.0-2022 Walkway Surface Auditing Procedure for the Measurement of Walkway Slip Resistance
  • NFSI B101.1-2022 Test Method for Measuring Wet SCOF of Common Hard-Surface Floor Materials
  • NFSI B101.3-2022 Test Method for Measuring the Wet DCOF of Hard Surface Walkways
  • NFSI B101.4-2023 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Wet Barefoot Condition of Walking and Bathing Surfaces
  • NFSI B101.5-2022 Standard Guide for Uniform Labeling Method for Identifying the Wet Static Coefficient of Friction (Traction) of Floor Coverings, Floor Coverings with Coatings, and Treated Floor Coverings
  • NFSI B101.6-2022 Standard Guide for Commercial Entrance Matting in Reducing Slips, Trips and Falls